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Sustainable Farming  

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2007-2015 Board IARDA’s Canada's Board of Directors, 2007-2015 Board of Directors, 2007-2015

There are many ways to get involved with IARDA.  You can participate in our fundraising and awareness events, host a fundraiser or donation-drive that benefits Iarda, invest in us as a donor, or volunteer your time and talents. - 

See more at: http://www.iaarda.cfsites.org There are lots of ways to get involved: Become an Iarda Member 

Become a Connector Write a blog post. What’s on your mind when it comes to the Iarda and big picture ideas, or critical thinking of what we as a agriculture and rural development non profit could be doing better? 

Share your ideas with iaarda@yahoo.ca. Subscribe to Iarda-news letter Join an upcoming event Connect to our social media channels Twitter Facebook Linkedin Youtube 

Be part of our new video. Share what inspires you to work for a Iarda Nonprofit Jobs: agriculture Communities at Work. Email iaarda@yahoo.ca for more details.